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What is my IP (promo)

What is My IP? is a simply but usefull Windows Phone 7 utility that displays your IP address, plus a lot of additional information such as host name, the type of connectivity used, if you use a proxy and much more.

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With What is My IP? you can

  • display your IP address
  • display city, state (or region) and country of your connection node
  • display hostname, blacklist state, remote port, protocol, connection, user agent, proxy type (if present), etc.
  • record in a database all the addresses found for later use or consultations
  • send all info via e-mail or short text message (SMS) with a simple touch.

What is My IP? also supports the view in landscape orientation, to further increase the readability of the IP address detected.

This application also supports customization of the Windows Phone theme (white or dark) and is localized in english, french and italian.

What is My IP? offers all this functionality at a very low price, only $ 0.99.

ver. 1.0.0 - price: $ 0.99
You can Buy it only on Windows Phone Marketplace.
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